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Park Place RCF/PMI will accept only those persons whose needs can be met by this facility. No member shall be admitted or retained in this facility that is in need of greater services than this facility can provide.


Each member admitted to Park Place RCF/PMI shall have a physical examination prior to admission. A record of the examination must be signed by a physician and a copy be presented to the facility. If a member is being admitted from a hospital, a copy of the hospital physical and discharge summary may be given to the facility in lieu of an additional examination.  


Persons shall be admitted to Park Place RCF/PMI only on a written order signed by a physician certifying that the individual requires no more than personal care, mental health assistance and supervision in learning individual skills, however, but does not require nursing care.


The facility requires that the most current records of Medical and Psychological Evaluations be released to the facility for review prior to admission. It is required that the prospective member have a face-to-face pre-placement visit. We prefer that this take place at the facility so the new member can tour the facility.


Persons under the age of 18 shall not be admitted to Park Place. All admissions are processed through the Administrator and staff.

Members of Park Place RCF/PMI can have visitors come at their own discretion.

Requirements for admission

To be considered for admission we will need the following items emailed or faxed to us.

  • Current medication list

  • Social history

  • Current or recent mental assessment

  • Current states and need for admission 


Phone: 712-243-1213


Fax: 712-243-4675​

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